Decrease Spread of Infections with STI Test

STI or Sexually Transmitted Infection is one challenge you should be set for even if you believe you aren’t in danger of getting an infection. Should you be sexually active, you’re in danger and an STI examination is crucial.

If you are responsible enough to have intercourse, you are responsible enough to protect yourself from an infection. Remember that the threat of Hiv grows every day apart from the curable STIs. It is always better to stop the spread of an STI first by, being screened. Second, receiving treatment. And finally, practicing safe sex at all times.

Who can take STI test? You should take it if you’re worried about your health. You can actually contract an STI even if you’re not having sex. A number of STI’s may be passed on from skin to skin contact. Such is the situation with herpes, syphilis chancres, and HPV outbreaks. If you think you’ve been subjected to any suspicious looking sores on your partner, you ought to be screened.

During the test, a qualified health professional will attend to you. In most cases they are doctors and nurses. The test will start by asking about your sexual history (it is a standard question to ask since it’s an STI). Assume that many questions may well be private such as your sexual orientation (whether you are bisexual, straight, gay, or lesbian), sexual activities, number of persons you have had sex with and/or the number of people your partner may have sexual contact with, and signs and symptoms you’ve experienced that made you think that you have an STI.

The numbers of questions are not limited. The physician or medical physician is intending to properly evaluate your case. And don’t stress, all information you disclose is private. After that, the doctor or nurse will take a look at your external genital area, anus, or inside your mouth to see any symptoms of STIs. If you are a male, an urine sample is needed. If you are a woman, a vaginal secretion is needed or sometimes an urine sample. These kind of exams are painless and simple to undergo. Turnaround on the results is normally fast.

Your health is too vital to play around with.. An STI test could place your mind at ease. Learn more about STD symptoms and Schedule your exam without delay.