Telling Your Partner You Are Positive For An STD

We understand it’s difficult to find out that you are positive for an STD. For one, a person needs to not only take care of them self, but also should let their significant other know of the test outcome. Not surprisingly, the initial reaction may be to keep it a secret but most people really do not want to be keeping the truth from their partner on this issue.

Why Tell Your Partner?

Simple. To prevent the spread of the disease. Should you be afflicted, there’s an higher than normal possibility your partner is infected as well. Letting them know of your positive result can be hard. However, you owe it to them to be truthful. Show them the respect they are worthy of so they can obtain immediate testing and treatment if required.

When the truth is not spelled out to the sexual partner and sexual relations is ongoing, one takes the danger of reinfecting them self as well as their companion. Leaving the condition untreated can lead to numerous complications. For instance, some women may develop the inability to conceive resulting from not seeking treatment from A sexually transmitted disease.

Ways to Tell My Partner

You ought to meet with your partner in person. This isn’t something you want to do via text message or instant messaging, e-mail, or even on the phone. Find a spot where you can be together and focus on the situation. Before you meet, make sure you inform yourself concerning the condition for which you have screened positive. The more you know about the subject, the less frightening will probably be. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is an excellent learning resource for info on STD’s. They even have literature you can print to take with you.

Simply tell him or her that you have screened positive for (whichever Sexually transmitted disease it is) and ask them to be tested as well. Share every piece of information you’ve uncovered. They may not be even be showing any signs or symptoms. Do not let them fall under a false feeling of security because of this. Several STD’s can be asymptomatic, or have very vague symptoms that could definitely be taken wrongly for some other condition. Even if they feel okay, you should recommend them to get tested. Make sure they know how effortless your testing encounter was so they are much less anxious about the actual test.

Can You Let the Person Know Anonymously?

If you cannot bring yourself to inform your partner face to face, you can let them know anonymously. Try your local County Health Department. They’re required to tell partners of any positive results in STD testing.

If you require even more advice, you can head over to the CDC’s web site or call the number listed below to speak to a live counselor.

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